A Study in Static
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A Study in Static is the fourth Data Pack in the Genesis Cycle.

Time is relative. Time can be manipulated.

As part of the Genesis Cycle, A Study in Static focuses on developing each faction’s traditional strengths even as it opens up new strategies for players to explore.

With their advancements in ice, icebreakers, and hardware, the Data Pack’s sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty individual cards) escalate the game’s cyberstruggles to a new form of art. No longer do the factions content themselves to building and breaking snares and subroutines; they turn their attentions to the flow of time itself. So much as time is a matter of perception and of movement, A Study in Static is a study in the ability to accelerate and impede the passage of time.

Set # Name Faction Type
61 Disrupter Anarch Program
62 Force of Nature Anarch Program
63 Scrubber Anarch Resource
64 Doppelgänger Criminal Hardware
65 Crescentus Criminal Program
66 Deus X Shaper Program
67 All-nighter Shaper Resource
68 Inside Man Neutral Resource
69 Underworld Contact Neutral Resource
70 Green Level Clearance Haas-Bioroid Operation
71 Hourglass Haas-Bioroid Ice
72 Dedicated Server Jinteki Asset
73 Bullfrog Jinteki Ice
74 Uroboros NBN Ice
75 Net Police NBN Asset
76 Weyland Consortium, Because We Built It Weyland Consortium Identity
77 Government Contracts Weyland Consortium Agenda
78 Tyrant Weyland Consortium Ice
79 Oversight AI Weyland Consortium Operation
80 False Lead Neutral Agenda
Flavor Insert
An Excerpt from Golem
Ormond tried to keep his cool. He was in a high stress job and sometimes the anger came out. It did now. He leaned down and slapped both hands against the desktop. The booms thundered through the room. "Are you aware of this thing's limitations"

Chaney cocked an eyebrow. "Yes, and I believe Commissioner Dawn agrees with Haas-Bioroid's position that Detective Drake's abilities far outweigh those limitations."

"It got Detective Nolan killed."

"Lieutenant Ormond, I would go easy with that blatant statement. Legal counsel at Haas-Bioroid has reviewed the holo-imagery used by Lockwell and her affiliates to launch the attack on Detective Drake. I'm being generous when I say that the imagery is questionable. WWrits and suits are being drawn up as I sit here and talk to you." Chaney paused for a moment. "I would hate, but not hesitate, to add your name to the list of people that are going to be recipients of legal action."

With a snarled oath, Ormond crossed his arms over his broad chest. "No one in this department wants to work with that thing."

"As I recall, the same problem existed before, until Detective Nolan bravely stepped forward."

"Maybe you noticed counselor, but she ain't here no more."

"I have noticed. Last time, you were lucky and someone volunteered. Perhaps this time you should take a more aggressive stance."

"What? Order someone to partner up with it?"


"I'm not going to do that."

Chaney maintained his cool gaze. "Then perhaps Commissioner Dawn should talk to your boss and have him place someone more progressive in his or her thinking in your position."

"Are you threatening me?"

For a moment, I thought I might have to get up to protect Chaney.

"Do you feel threatened, Lieutenant?" Chaney showed only a bemused expression.

"Get out of my office before I throw you out."

Chaney stayed put. "I'm afraid I can't leave until I'm certain we've reached an accord regarding Detective Drake's prospects within this department. Considering the hostile environment for Detective Drake, my employers will want to know."

"You talk about that thing like it's human."

"Detective Drake acts in a capacity where he needs to be recognized as an individual entity."

"It's a machine."

"A very advanced machine, and it has been leased to the NAPD to fulfill a specific task. Very cheaply, I might point out."

"My old man used to tell me that you get what you pay for, and Haas-Bioroid is getting plenty of public exposure out of this unit and the other one playing detective."

"Playing detective?" Chaney touched a 3D pin broadcaster on his jacket. A computer screen holo formed in mid-air. "Maybe you could help me understand these figures. Both Detective Drake and Detective Floyd have a very high percentage of case closures. Is that correct?"

Ormond didn't reply.

"Get with the program, Lieutenant Ormond. The future is here. You should feel threatened at this point."

"Not by you."

Chaney flashed the lieutenant a thin smile. "Don't fear me. Fear the corporation I represent. My superiors can change your life here, and your wife's life at her job." He deliberately dragged a hand through the 3D image of the lieutenant's family on his desk, causing them to wobble and shift. "And then there are the children to consider. What kind of futures will they have if they are blacklisted before they even enter the job force?"

Ormond's face turned white. His nostrils flared. "I'll find a place for him. Get out of here."

Chaney went out, still smiling. "We'll be in touch, Lieutenant. Count on it."

Ormond shifted his wrath to me. "You, too. Out."

I went.

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