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Let's start with paid abilities because those seem pretty clear as it stands. The rulebook already clearly states that paid abilities are always written in the "cost:effect" convention and that resolving the ability is contingent on the trigger cost being paid[1]. It is also conventional wisdom that paid abilities have the lowest priority of all abilities, although this isn't directly stated in any rules. The biggest open question I can think of in regards to paid abilities has to deal with ending priority.

Can players force paid ability windows closed? This certainly doesn't seem possible outside of a run, but during a run there are a lot of ways that the timing of the game can move past the current state during a paid ability window. For example, Nisei MK II's paid ability can end the run during a paid ability window, and the runner can use paid abilities to trash ice during almost any paid ability window with the right set up of cards. More specifically, I think ending the run certainly closes the paid ability window without passing priority again, but what about trashing a piece of ice during approach or encounter?


Tybb-sly Players can force close paid ability windows, and stop resolving subroutines, in only one case. An "end the run” effect immediately ends the run and closes any window. Trashing a piece of ice during an approach or an encounter does not close the paid ability window, though I cannot currently imagine a scenario where this matters. If the game is not in a paid ability window, however, bypassing the ice can skip steps.