Even more troubling is the difference between The Cleaners and Tori Hanzō. According to rulings you have made, The Cleaners adds additional meat damage before the Runner can prevent any of it,[1] while the net damage that would trigger Tori can be prevented before there's a chance to turn it into brain damage.[2]

This doesn't seem quite right, though. The Cleaners is very clearly a conditional ability because of the "whenever" wording, and conditional abilities are completely interruptible by prevent/avoid effects according to the rulebook. Meanwhile, Tori's ability would seem to be constant because it uses "the first time" wording, and constant abilities can't be interrupted because they are always active. Unless I'm completely wrong about how to determine which type of ability is which and how abilities interact, wouldn't the reverse make more sense (The Cleaners resolving after the prevention window and Tori happening before the prevention window)?


Tybb-sly You bring up a good point. I will have to think on this one more; “additional” denotes that an effect is modifying the trigger condition, but I cannot deny that it muddies the water by basically turning an ability that uses “whenever” into a constant ability.

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