Unlike paid abilities, both constant and conditional abilities are much more fuzzy. Again the rulebook is clear on some things, like how constant abilities do not have triggers or costs[1], but the rulebook does not give any clear indication of conventions constant abilities might follow.

By going through some of your other rulings and poring over the cards, I think I've come up with a list of key words that indicate an ability is constant. Are any of the following not constant abilities, am I missing any constant ability types, are any of these examples not constant abilities, or am I completely off base here? (Examples of these words used as qualifiers for other abilities are of course entirely different, e.g. the use of "all" in "when the runner passes all ice protecting this server" is different from saying something like "all ice is encountered with -1 strength".)


Tybb-sly First off, constant abilities usually define a state of being. While all of those words are definitely used, each one by itself doesn’t make an ability constant. Next time you are wondering if an ability is a constant, assume that it is unless it uses “when,” “whenever,” or has a colon that denotes it as a paid ability.

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