Likewise, conditional abilities do not have clearly defined conventions. The rulebook says for sure that "when" and "whenever" abilities are conditional abilities, but it also says that these are "commonly" used for conditional abilities[1]. Again, going off of previous rulings, FAQs, and my own personal readings of the cards, I've made a similar list of words that I believe denote conditional abilities. Do any of the following words not identify conditional abilities, am I missing any, etc.?


Tybb-sly Paintbrush is a paid ability that results in a constant ability that has an expiration date. “Until” can also be thought of as “If not” and should be thought of as a constant, not a conditional. For example, “Choose a rezzed piece of ice. If the next run this turn has not ended, that ice gains sentry, code gate, and barrier.” As you can see, “until” is a little easier to parse. We sometimes have to make calls between a more technical wording, and a wording that is easier to understand. We do not always make the right call (eg, Replicating Perfection).

“After” and “unless” are generally used for conditional abilities, but like constants I would not make a definitive statement that this is always the case. Inazuma and Susanoo-no-Mikoto, for example, use “until after” and are constants (of course they also both use “until”).

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