When you score Accelerated Beta Test, you may look at the top 3 cards of R&D. If any of those cards are ice, you may install and rez them, ignoring all costs. Trash the rest of the cards you looked at.

Cards that are trashed due to activating Accelerated Beta Test are put in Archives face down.

You may choose not to install and rez any pieces of ice that you look at with Accelerated Beta Test's ability, trashing them instead. This might be advantageous if the ice has negative effects when rezzed (e.g. illicit ice).

Cards installed and rezzed by Accelerated Beta Test's ability ignore install costs, rez costs, and any additional costs associated with the ice.

Related RulingsEdit

  • If the Corporation shuffles R&D during the resolution of Accelerated Beta Test (for example, by using The Foundry's ability after installing and rezzing a piece of ice), then the other cards looked at with Accelerated Beta Test are no longer eligible for installing and rezzing or trashing.[1]:Ruling


  1. Accelerated Beta Test & The Foundry Interaction Ruling, Question 2
    These questions are about The Foundry and how it interacts with Accelerated Beta Test. By analogy to the existing Accelerated Diagnostics rulings in FAQ 1.5 - "If one of the operations played shuffles R&D, the remainder of Accelerated Diagnostics’ effect is ignored." - it would appear that if the corp can trigger a shuffle of R&D while ABT's ability is resolving, any non-ICE cards that were at the top of R&D can be saved from Archives.

    Scenario: The corp is The Foundry, and has not rezzed a piece of ice this turn. The corp scores Accelerated Beta Test and uses its ability. What happens in the following situations?

    1. The top 3 cards of R&D are Paper Wall, Project Wotan and Priority Requisition. The corp chooses to install and rez Paper Wall on a server, ignoring all costs, and chooses to activate The Foundry's ID ability. What happens?

    2. As above, but what happens if there are no more copies of Paper Wall in R&D?

    3. Does the "you may install and rez them, ignoring all costs" text on ABT describe a sequence that is applied to each eligible piece of ice in turn, or the state that all beta-tested pieces of ICE must finish in?

    Consider the following scenario:

    Suppose the corp (The Foundry, which has not rezzed a piece of ice this turn) scores an ABT and uses its ability. Suppose also that the top 3 cards of R&D are Tollbooth, Wotan and Beanstalk Royalties.

    Is it the case that:

    A) The corp installs and rezzes Tollbooth first (say) and must now decide whether or not to use The Foundry.


    B) The corp can install both pieces of ice, then after rezzing the first one must decide whether or not use The Foundry.
    1. The Paper Wall is installed, and the Corp searches his stack for another copy of Paper Wall and adds it to HQ. The other two cards (Wotan and Priority Requisition) are shuffled into R&D and are no longer eligible to be installed/trashed by the ABT.

    2. The same thing happens, only no Paper Wall is added to HQ.

    3. Good question. Option A. You install and rez each one before moving onto the next one, so you couldn’t just install and then rez them to get two ice installed and use the Foundry.
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