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Make a run on HQ. If successful, instead of accessing cards you may force the Corp to lose up to 5Credit.png, then you gain 2Credit.png for each credit lost and take 2 tags.

Account Siphon is a faction-defining run event for Criminals that provides very strong HQ pressure. It initiates a run on HQ that, if successful, can replace the Access Phase with stealing the Corporation's funds. For each credit up to 5 that the Corporation is forced to lose, the Runner gains 2Credit.png.

Account Siphon also gives the runner 2 tags, which are taken at the same time as the credits are gained. It is one of only a handful of methods by which the Runner can self-tag.


Page 5, Column 1, Paragraph(s) 10-11, FAQ
The Runner can choose to not use the ability on Account Siphon when the run is successful. If he does, he does not take any tags.

If the Runner ends up running successfully on another server than HQ, the "If successful…" effect on Account Siphon cannot be triggered.

Related FAQs

  • FAQ 1.0.13 - Account Siphon cannot be combined with other run events or actions that initiate runs.
  • FAQ 1.2.18 - because the tags and the credits are taken at the same time, the credits gained from Account Siphon cannot be used to pay for abilities that avoid the tags
  • FAQ 1.5.35 - the Runner can choose between Account Siphon's effect and the effect of a Security Testing that has chosen HQ Reversed by FAQ 2.1.
  • FAQ 2.1 - Security Testing triggers at step 4.4 of a run, and replaces the access. Security Testing is also a required ability and the Runner cannot choose to not use it. Account Siphon does not trigger until step 4.5 of the run, at which point Security Testing has already resolved.

Related Rulings

  • Recurring credits are not in the Corporation's credit pool and thus cannot be forced to be lost with Account Siphon.[1]:Ruling
  • Manhunt triggers before Account Siphon's replacement effect resolves, so the Corporation can spend credits on Manhunt's trace to avoid giving the Runner credits from Account Sihpon.[2]:Ruling
  • Reversing the FAQ entry above. Security Testing triggers and resolves before Account Siphon can resolve, and it is a required conditional ability. Therefore, it always takes precedence over Account Siphon without offering the Runner any choice.[3]:Ruling


The card is loosely based on the card Edited Shipping Manifests from the original Netrunner TCG. However, Edited Shipping Manifests had a play cost of 1Credit.png, made the corp lose only 1Credit.png, the runner would always get 10Credit.png and would take only 1 tag. [4]


  1. Recurring Credits not in Credit Pool Ruling
    Do recurring credits count as credits? Do they count as being in the credit pool?

    Example 1. Are the Recurring credits on Making News credits that can be lost to an Account Siphon or Vamp?

    Example 2. Would recurring credits on a Cyberfeeder or Lockpick be lost when Nasir Meidan encounters an ICE that has just been rezzed?

    Recurring credits do not count as being in the credit pool and cannot be lost like credits in your credit pool.
  2. Account Siphon v. Manhunt Ruling
    On an Account Siphon run, does the Corp have the opportunity to dump credits before the account siphon triggers?

    Yes: The siphon replaces access, after Manhunt triggers from the successful run.

    No: The account siphon triggers on the successful run; because it's the Runner's turn it activates first.

    The Corp can dump credits into the Manhunt; it resolves before cards are accessed (which is when the Account Siphon replacement effect resolves).
  3. Security Testing + Account Siphon Ruling
    FAQ 1.5.35 seems incorrect given new understanding of ability types. As ST triggers at 4.4 and Siphon isn't triggered, doesn't ST replace access with creds before Siphon would ever come into play?
    Yeah that's the way it works now.