The Corporation can pay to trigger a "when accessed" ability even if the ability would have no effect, but s/he cannot do so if the card is accessed from R&D and is not revealed.


Rather strange edge case here, but I am unsure what the answer is!

If a runner accesses an Aggressive Secretary in a remote server with 0 advancement counters on it, can the corp pay 2Credit to trash 0 programs? They might want to do this to reduce the loss from an Account Siphon.

If they can, can they also do this if the Aggressive Secretary is accessed from Archives? Or from R&D and HQ?

It could possibly be important if a runner has to hit Archives to get a Datasucker counter to be able to then do an Account Siphon on HQ and use the resulting profit to run on a remote server with an agenda. If the corp can spend the 2C then the runner will not have enough to get into the remote.

Sorry to give you such a weird edge case, but enquiring minds want to know!


Tybb-sly If the Corp wishes to pay credits to trigger when accessed abilities that have no effect, he or she can do so.

Followup QuestionEdit

The only issue is if the card in question is accessed from R&D, the corp won't know they have the option to trigger the ability (unless its Snare!) This situation isn't very likely to come up though.


Tybb-sly That is correct. In which case the Corp does not have the option to trigger the ability, since the card does not have to be revealed.


This ruling was directly contradicted by the Partially Resolvable Effects Ruling until it was officially reversed by the FAQ.


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