Project ANCUR follows a three-tier model of canonicity. All content on ANCUR is categorized under one of the tiers to show how much sway that particular content has over playing the game. Visit the Project:Projects page to discuss where new types of content would fit.


Official game content is any content published by Fantasy Flight Games directly. This includes but is not limited to:

Think of the Official tier as the core game engine or law of Netrunner. If you ask a tournament organizer a rules question, this tier is all the context s/he must follow to make a proper ruling.


The Semi-Official tier is for answers from asking Lukas questions and articles posted by Fantasy Flight to their website. FFG articles are included because they sometimes feature strategies or card interactions, but they are not always necessarily true to the rules of the game.

If you ask a tournament organizer a rules question, the Semi-Official tier is the content s/he might reference to make an informed decision when the Official rules are up for interpretation. This tier provides a guide to the rules that FFG hasn't directly given us.


Unofficial pages on ANCUR are community based "head canon". This tier exists because the next best resource we players have for determining how to play the game is each other. This gives us a way to decide as a community which unanswered interpretations make the most logical sense. We will not agree, but having the discussions here empowers players to learn and decide for themselves when "house rules" are necessary.

The Unofficial tier is a great place for the following types of content:

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.