Welcome to the ANCUR projects page! This page is intended to provide a quick guide to the types of content missing but wanted on ANCUR. It is not by any means comprehensive, but it provides a starting point.

Section Want Description Leader
Card summaries Each card should have a brief summary of its effects and abilities. -
FAQ and ruling summaries For each card with a FAQ or rulings, the FAQ and ruling should have a brief description of how it applies to that card. -
Card histories Each card should list its history in the context of the game, such as spoil date, release date, errata, etc. -
Rules Consistent rule format All of the most recent rules text is up on ANCUR, but a consistent format for rules pages has not been established. -
FAQ history Only FAQ 1.5 is up currently, but older FAQ text should be up for archival purposes. -
Tournament Rules None of the versions of the tournament rules are yet up on ANCUR. -
Drafting Rules None of the drafting rules are yet up on ANCUR. -
FFG Articles Article archive from FFG None of the preview, release, or strategy articles are linked or available on ANCUR yet. -
Artist pages Page for each artist and a category collecting them Each artist automatically gets its own category page created as cards illustrated by them get their own pages. The artist category pages could have a biography and a link to that person's website. -
Unofficial Content Rule and strategy guides Users should feel free to write blog posts. Eventually, a system should be put in place to vet these blogs and raise some of them up to a new player guide, top 10 list, etc. -
Slang terms The slang category has already been created and some pages created for it, but every meta has its own terms! -
Deck archetypes A collection of pages for different famous deck archetypes, with a list of Deck lists matching those archetypes. AdrianHerber
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