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Andysucker, or Andy Datasucker and Fixed Breaker Andy, is a runner archetype that stacks a number of run-efficient cards to fuel multiple runs each turn. Andysucker is unique in that it is arguably the only archetype that has maintained a strong presence in the meta ever since Andromeda's release in Humanity's Shadow. Most other archetypes are either recent or have had highs and lows over time but Andysucker has stayed powerful. Andysucker was piloted by 2013 World Champion Jens Erickson as well as 2014 World Champion Dan D'Argenio.

Many notable players have criticized the archetype and argued that its power and consistency have forced competitive players to play the deck despite preferring diversity in the meta. Others notable players claim that Andysucker is only as popular as it is because of a lack of experimentation with other decks at the competitive level.

It is characterized by: