AstroBiotics is a Fast Advance archetype in NBN that uses Biotic Labor to score AstroScript Pilot Program and then "rides the Astrotrain" to 7 agenda points. The archetype first came to prominence with the release of Sweeps Week which gave NBN the economic push needed to pay for Biotic Labor. The deck ran The World is Yours* identity because of its smaller deck size and larger hand size. Since then, players have shifted to using the Near-Earth Hub identity since its ability provides same/better consistency and has 5 more influence points to spend than The World is Yours*.

Near-Earth Hub AstroBiotics is known for dominating the meta at the 2014 US Nationals, 2014 Canadian Nationals, and 2014 World Championship. Many noteworthy players have expressed that the deck is a negative influence on the meta while other noteworthy players refute the claim.

It is characterized by:


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