When you install Atman, you may pay XCredit to place X power counters on Atman.

Atman has +1 strength for each power counter on it.

1Credit: Break ice subroutine on a piece of ice that has strength equal to Atman's strength.
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Related RulingsEdit

  • The recurring credit on Omni-drive can be used to pay for the "when installed" ability if Atman is installed hosted on the Omni-drive.[1]:Ruling
  • The Runner spends a number of credits in order to set the value of X when the ability resolves, and so cannot spend more credits than he/she has available.[2]:Ruling


  1. Atman + Omni-drive Ruling
    If I install-host Atman on Omni Drive can I use the recurring credit on it to pay towards the "When you install Atman, you may pay X" since Omni Drive says "Use this credit to pay for using the hosted program?"
    If you install an Atman on Omni-drive, then you can indeed use Omni-drive's recurring credit when paying to place power counters on Atman. "Whenever X is installed" requires that the card is installed before resolving, and thus the card is also hosted.
  2. X Variable Ruling
    When is a variable chosen for a card in which that variable is not defined by the card itself?When deciding X, is it decided by the effect including X or is it decided by choosing an X and then resolving the effect with X in it?
    2a. The variable is chosen whenever it is necessary to resolve the effect. So for Vamp, you do not have to set the value of X until the run is successful. For Psychographics, you have to set the value when playing it because it is part of the cost. So option 1 is correct. 2b. X is a value that is set at one time. So you spend X credits from Vamp, but you cannot spend more credits than you have. With Power Shutdown, you trash X cards from your deck, but you do not see the cards that are trashed until X is defined. You cannot trash more than the number of cards in your deck, either.
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