Omni-drive's 1RecurringCredit can be used to pay for Atman's "when installed" conditional ability.


If I install-host Atman on Omni Drive can I use the recurring credit on it to pay towards the "When you install Atman, you may pay X" since Omni Drive says "Use this credit to pay for using the hosted program?"


Tybb-sly If you install an Atman on Omni-drive, then you can indeed use Omni-drive's recurring credit when paying to place power counters on Atman. "Whenever X is installed" requires that the card is installed before resolving, and thus the card is also hosted.


"When installed" abilities trigger once the card is put into the rig at the end of the install action. See also: "Use".


Posted to Board Game Geek by Vonderbread on July 31, 2013

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