Page 30, Column 1, Paragraph(s) 14, Core Rule Book
Bad Publicity: A token acquired by the Corporation that provides the Runner with 1Credit to spend each run.

Bad publicity is a token the Corporation can acquire through various cards and effects that provides extra revenue for the Runner during runs. The Runner gains 1Credit at the start of every run for each bad publicity that the Corporation has, which is returned to the credit bank if unspent by the end of the run.

Page 17, Column 1, Sidebar, Core Rule Book
Some cards and events in Android: Netrunner give the Corporation bad publicity. For each point of bad publicity the Corporation has, the Runner gains 1Credit at the beginning of each run. The Runner may spend these credits during his run as if they were in his credit pool, but any unspent bad publicity credits return to the bank at the end of the run. Bad publicity always generates revenue for the Runner at the beginning of a run, even when the Runner makes multiple runs in a single turn.

FAQ 1.4.3Edit

From the FAQ. Also number 1.5.3

Because bad publicity credits are only gained at the start of a run, the Runner does not immediately gain credits from bad publicity the Corporation may acquire during a run (such as by rezzing a piece of Illicit ice).

Page 9, Column 1, Paragraph(s) 4, FAQ
If the Corp rezzes an illicit piece of ice during a run, can the Runner spend the bad publicity credit immediately?
No. Bad publicity credits are only gained at the beginning of a run.
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