Play only if the Runner is tagged.

The Runner's memory limit is reduced by 2 until the end of the turn.
Known as malware 0-394-41525-6 to sysops, runners just refer to it as "bad times."

Related Rulings

  • The Runner may choose which memory source to lose from Bad Times' memory reduction.[1]:Ruling


Bad Times is the name of a virus hoax and does not actually exists. It pokes fun about the virus hoax goodtimes, which tries to sound real.[2]

The Flavor Text contains the ISBN 10 code of the Michael Crichton Book The Andromeda Strain.


  1. Bad Times v. Deep Red Ruling
    A Runner has Deep Red and 3 icebreakers installed, none of which are Caïssa programs. Additionally, no other programs are installed and there are no other MU bonuses (i.e., Dyson Mem Chips, isn't Chaos Theory, etc.). The Corporation uses 1x Bad Times. What happens?
    The Runner can choose to lose the MU from Deep Red.
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