This is the eighth in a series of unofficial FAQs released with each new data pack. Below are rulings from the ANCUR staff regarding some of the cards in Blood Money, as approved by the lead designer Michael Boggs.

Credit CrashEdit

1. During a run initiated by Credit Crash, is the Runner required to reveal the accessed card to the Corp if it is accessed from R&D?

Ancurprofile The card must be revealed. This effect requires the Corp to act on an element of the card, so it is satisfied by the Corp examining that card.

2. If the Corp prevents the trashing of the first card accessed with Credit Crash, can the Runner still trash that card normally?

Ancurprofile Yes.

Rumor MillEdit

3. Does the Corp have to forfeit an agenda to rez Ibrahim Salem while Rumor Mill is active?

Ancurprofile No, Ibrahim Salem’s text box is considered blank while Rumor Mill is active, even if Ibrahim Salem is inactive.

4. Does the Runner add Director Haas to their score area if they trash it when accessing it from R&D while Rumor Mill is active?

Ancurprofile No. Director Haas’s text box is considered blank while Rumor Mill is active, even if Director Haas is not installed.

5. What happens to cards hosted on Worlds Plaza while Rumor Mill is active?

Ancurprofile They remain hosted. A blank card does not have any hosting abilities or restrictions, so anything already hosted on it remains hosted.


6. If the Corp has The Twins installed, which goes first, Nfr or The Twins? If The Twins is used first, does Nfr still gain a counter after the second encounter?

Ancurprofile The encounter with the piece of ice ending is a result of the Runner passing the ice. For simultaneous effects, first all of the active player’s abilities trigger, then all of the inactive player’s abilities trigger. Thus, if it is the Runner’s turn, Nfr will gain a counter before the second encounter occurs. If it is the Corp’s turn, The Twins triggers first; after the second encounter with the piece of ice, Nfr will resolve twice to place two counters on itself.


7. Can the Runner spend credits on Cloak to install Paperclip from the heap?

Ancurprofile No. While triggering Paperclip’s ability from the heap is considered using Paperclip, paying the install cost is part of the install action and not a cost of using the ability.

8. Can the Runner use Paperclip’s paid ability even if its strength doesn’t match a piece of ice?

Ancurprofile Yes, you can always trigger the ability to get the strength boost. However, if the strength of Paperclip does not match the ice’s strength after this part of the ability resolves, the “break subroutines” part will not do anything.

9. Can the Runner trash Paperclip for Null’s ability and then install Paperclip at the same encounter step?

Ancurprofile No. In order for Paperclip’s ability to meet its trigger condition, it must be in the heap at the time the encounter occurs.


10. Can the Runner use Golden to derez Troll?

Ancurprofile No. The Runner cannot use Golden to break any subroutines on Troll, so the usage requirement for Golden has no way of being satisfied.

Temujin ContractEdit

11. What happens if the remote server chosen for Temujin Contract is destroyed?

Ancurprofile Any credits still on Temujin Contract remain on it, but the card does not have any abilities that let you take them.


12. Does Khan’s ability trigger if an encountered ice is trashed?

Ancurprofile Yes. Ice that is uninstalled while it is being approached or encountered is immediately passed.

Data BreachEdit

13. If a Runner with Doppelganger uses Data Breach, can he or she choose in which order their effects trigger?

Ancurprofile Both Doppelganger and Data Breach meet their trigger condition at the same time, so the Runner chooses the order the effects trigger. Once the additional run from either effect has completed, then the other ability triggers and the Runner may initiate another run. Either (a) the Runner chooses to trigger Data Breach first, makes a run on R&D, and then makes an additional run with Doppelganger’s ability; or (b) the Runner makes an additional run with Doppelganger’s ability, and then makes an additional run on R&D after that run completes.

Beth Kilrain-ChangEdit

14. What does it mean for the Corp to “have” a certain number of credits?

Ancurprofile This means that the player has that number of credits in their credit pool. Recurring credits and other credits hosted on cards do not count unless they say otherwise.

15. With Beth Kilrain-Chang installed, if the Corp has 9Cr and a scored Corporate Sales Team when the Runner's turn begins, does the Runner gain 1Cr, draw 1 card, or both?

Ancurprofile The credit requirements for Beth's abilities are part of their trigger conditions, so only one of them can possibly meet its trigger condition when the Runner's turn begins. In this case, when the Runner's turn begins, Beth's first ability and Corporate Sales Team meet their trigger conditions at the same time. As it is the Runner's turn, first Beth's ability resolves and the Runner gains 1Cr. Then, Corporate Sales Team's ability resolves. Since the turn has already begun, Beth's second ability cannot retroactively trigger at this point.

Algo TradingEdit

16. Does Algo Trading start getting 2Credit from the bank on the second or third turn after it is installed?

Ancurprofile Algo Trading’s second ability can start putting 2Credit on it the second turn after it is installed. Both abilities meet their trigger condition at the same time each turn, so the Runner can choose the order in which they trigger. The second ability does not check how many credits are on Algo Trading until it resolves, so if the Runner chooses to trigger the first ability before the second ability and this brings the number of credits on it up to 6, then the second ability will be able to resolve.

Fairchild 2.0Edit

17. If the Runner has exactly 1Credit when Fairchild 2.0’s first subroutine resolves, what happens? What if the Runner has no installed cards?

Ancurprofile The Runner must choose an option they are able to fulfill if possible. If they don’t have 2Credit, they must trash an installed card. If the Runner doesn’t have any installed cards, they can’t fulfill either option, so they get to keep their 1Credit.

Enforcing LoyaltyEdit

18. Can Enforcing Loyalty be used to trash installed Corp cards?

Ancurprofile Yes. There are no Corp cards that have factions that match the factions of Runner identities.

19. Do neutral cards match the faction of any Runner’s identity?

Ancurprofile Neutral cards do not belong to any faction, so Enforcing Loyalty can trash them against any Runner identity.

Hatchet JobEdit

20. Can Hatchet Job add a corp card to the Runner's grip?

Ancurprofile No, cards can only be added to hands and decks belonging to their owner.

21. Can Hatchet Job add a facedown virtual card to the Runner's grip?

Ancurprofile Yes. Runner cards do not have subtypes while facedown.

Special ReportEdit

22. Can the Corp play Special Report and choose to shuffle 0 cards into R&D?

Ancurprofile Yes.

23. Can the Corp play Special Report when it is the only card in HQ?

Ancurprofile Yes, Special Report can shuffle R&D even if you have no other cards in HQ, so it has the potential to change the game state and can be played.

24. Can the Corp play Special Report when there are no cards in R&D?

Ancurprofile Yes, unless there would be no cards in HQ when Special Report is played, in which case it does not have the potential to change the game state.


25. Can the Corp play Liquidation while there are no rezzed cards?

Ancurprofile No, you cannot trigger an ability that has no potential to change the game state.

26. Can the Corp play Liquidation while there are rezzed cards, but then choose not to trash any cards?

Ancurprofile Yes. Abilities are only checked for their potential to change the game state to determine whether or not those abilities can be triggered. Once an ability begins resolving, it does not have to change the game state.

Weyland Consortium, Builder of NationsEdit

27. Does Builder of Nations trigger when a piece of ice with advancement tokens on it is trashed?

Ancurprofile Yes. When an encountered piece of ice is uninstalled, the encounter immediately ends.

28. Does Builder of Nations trigger for a piece of ice without any advancement tokens on it that is protecting a server with Satellite Grid rezzed in it?

Ancurprofile Yes. The game treats each piece of ice in a server with Satellite Grid as though it had advancement tokens.

Financial CollapseEdit

29. Can the Corp play Financial Collapse while there are no installed resources?

Ancurprofile No.

30. The Runner is playing Geist, and Fall Guy and Tech Trader are the only installed resources. If the Corp plays Financial Collapse, can Geist attempt to trash Tech Trader for Financial Collapse, then prevent the trash with Fall Guy? What happens?

Ancurprofile The Runner can use Fall guy to prevent the trashing of Tech Trader (drawing a card and gaining a credit through Geist’s and Tech Trader’s abilities), but this means the cost to prevent Financial Collapse’s ability has not been paid, so Financial Collapse’s ability will still resolve, and Geist will lose 2 credits for the 1 remaining resource.

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