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Breaker Bay is the second Data Pack in the SanSan cycle.


Breaker Bay was officially declared released by Fantasy flight games on April 23, 2015, just three weeks after The Valley.[1] The article gives a brief overview of the data pack, focusing mainly on how many of the cards give a sense of the set's narrative.

Set # Name Faction Type
21 Hacktivist Meeting Anarch Event
22 Off-Campus Apartment Anarch Resource
23 Career Fair Criminal Event
24 Dorm Computer Criminal Hardware
25 Hayley Kaplan, Universal Scholar Shaper Identity
26 Game Day Shaper Event
27 Comet Shaper Hardware
28 Study Guide Shaper Program
29 London Library Shaper Resource
30 Tyson Observatory Shaper Resource
31 Beach Party Neutral Resource
32 Research Grant Haas-Bioroid Agenda
33 Turing Haas-Bioroid Ice
34 Crick Jinteki Ice
35 Recruiting Trip Jinteki Operation
36 Blacklist NBN Asset
37 Gutenburg NBN Ice
38 Student Loans Weyland Consortium Asset
39 Meru Mati Weyland Consortium Ice
40 Breaker Bay Grid Neutral Upgrade
Flavor Insert
Breaker Bay
University of the Californias


Welcome to Breaker Bay, home of the Sharks! Nestled among a pristine stretch of Monterey Bay coastline, our main university campus is over two thousand contiguous acres. Public hoppers are available to ferry students between departmental nodes, but many prefer to take the sidewalks and soak up the beautiful SoCal sun.

With multiple maglev station stops along the main SanSan Metro, our students are never far from the excitement and nightlife of the megapolis. But Breaker Bay isn't your granddaddy's college town, and one can find everything from holoball courts to technillap'u clubs. Check out the AguaGaleria, the underwater shopping plaza where you can come face to face with the creatures of Breaker Bay's marine conservatory!

University of the Californias at Breaker Bay has something for everyone. Upload the attached datafile to your simsensie-capable PAD and take the VIRTUAL TOUR now!


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