When dealing with NEXT Silver and Ashigaru, subroutines gained, lost, and broken are tracked as running totals, and then resolved accordingly at the end of the encounter.

Question 1[1][edit | edit source]

Suppose there are two copies of NEXT Silver rezzed, and no other NEXT ice. The runner has Clone Chip, Grimoire, and Grappling Hook installed. The runner encounters one of them, uses Grappling Hook to break one subroutine, and then uses Clone Chip to bring out a Parasite on the other NEXT Silver, killing it immediately.

Is the one subroutine of the ice being encountered broken, or unbroken?

If it is broken, and if Chum applies, would Chum deal damage?

Answer[edit | edit source]

Tybb-sly.png The subroutine on NEXT Silver is broken, and Chum would not deal the Runner any damage.

Question 2[edit | edit source]

Suppose I make a run and encounter Ashigaru. Suppose it has at least three subroutines, and I use Grappling Hook to break all but one of them. I then trash Utopia Shard to force the corp to discard two cards from HQ, and cause Ashigaru to lose two subroutines. Then any remaining unbroken subroutines resolve. Does the run end?

Answer[edit | edit source]

Tybb-sly.png The gaining and losing of subroutines are tracked as a running total. So if Ashigaru has 4 subroutines, and you break 3, and then it loses 2, you have broken all subroutines on it and the run continues.

Question 3[2][edit | edit source]

As before, the runner encounters Ashigaru with 4 subroutines, breaks 3 with Grappling Hook, then uses Utopia Shard to subtract 2 subroutines. If the corp then draws 1 card with Panic Button, so that Ashigaru has 3 subroutines, will the third subroutine be broken or unbroken?

Answer[edit | edit source]

Tybb-sly.png You broke 3 subroutines, so the third subroutine is still broken.

Implications[edit | edit source]

This ruling implies that subroutines are not specific in the order or instance that they appear on ice.

Source[edit | edit source]

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