Bypassing is an effect that allows the Runner to immediately pass a piece of ice during a run without finishing the encounter.

Page 2, Column 2, Paragraph(s) 3, FAQ
When an effect allows the Runner to "bypass" a piece of ice, he immediately passes that ice and continues the run. All subroutines (including 0) on the ice bypassed are not broken.

When a piece of ice is bypassed, any "when encountered" abilities that were triggered are prevented from resolving.

Page 2, Column 2, Paragraph(s) 5, FAQ
Bypassing prevents any unresolved conditional abilities that met their trigger condition when the ice was encountered from resolving.

NOTE : The above clause relating to "when encountered" abilities not firing applies to most but not all bypass effects.The known exceptions to date include the bypass effects on cards like Logic Bomb, Demara, Lustig, and Aberngale. The bypass effects on these cards will prevent the subroutines from firing but you will still get hit from the "when encountered" abiltites of Toll Booth, Data Raven, and the like. This is due to the text on these cards reading "bypass an ICE you are currently encountering". Ergo, one must have already encountered the ICE to activate the bypass effect.

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