Whenever the Runner passes all of the ice protecting this server, you and the Runner secretly spend 0Credit, 1Credit, or 2Credit. Reveal spent credits. If you and the Runner spent a different number of credits, end the run.
The first clone to serve as an NAPD detective.


Page 8, Column 2, Paragraph(s) 1-2, FAQ
Caprice Nisei's ability triggers at step 4 of a run.

If there is no ice protecting the server, Caprice Nisei's ability still triggers if she was rezzed before the run was initiated.

Related RulingsEdit

  • Caprice Nisei still triggers when the Runner passes the last piece of ice protecting a server, even if the Runner did not encounter and pass each individual piece of ice on the server (for example, through the use of a Copycat).[1]:Ruling
  • If the Runner uses a Copycat after passing the last piece of ice protecting the server, Caprice Nisei fails to resolve.[2]:Ruling


  1. "Pass" v. "Having Passed" Ruling
    Suppose the Corp has a rezzed Caprice Nisei in a remote with multiple ICE. For example:

    Caprice Nisei < Ice Wall < Hive (unrezzed)

    If the runner passes an Ice Wall on R&D and then Copycats in to the Ice wall in the above remote:

    Q1: Would Caprice Nisei's effect trigger?

    Q2: Would the runner be able to fire False Echo targeting Hive?
    A1. Yes. By passing a piece of ice, you are considered to have previously passed all of the other ice outside of that one, even if you did not encounter them.

    A2. You cannot use False Echo against the Hive. While you have passed the Hive, the action of passing it never actually occurred, and so False Echo is not able to trigger.

    These might seem like contradictions, but there is a difference between the state of having passed ice, and the action of passing them.
  2. Copycat v. Awakening Center Ruling
    This is basically a question about what stops conditional abilities from triggering. We know the card becoming inactive does, but does the trigger condition going away due to another ability generally stop it as well?

    For instance, suppose I'm running Copycat, and running on a server that's Ice Wall -> Awakening Center with something hosted on it. When I pass the Ice Wall, the Awakening Center's condition is met. But if I trigger the Copycat to move to a different server, does the Awakening Center still happen and do I still have to encounter whatever bioroid is on it?

    Similarly, what if there's Caprice Nisei? Does she still get to play the psi game even if I've Copycatted to a different server?

    The ability on Copycat would resolve first, and since you are no longer fulfilling the condition for Awakening Center it does not resolve.
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