This ruling was made official in the FAQ. See Clarifications for Accelerated Diagnostics.

If cards looked at by Accelerated Diagnostics move from being in the top three cards of R&D, then those cards are no longer affected by Accelerated Diagnostics and thus are neither trashed nor played.

This is the same interaction as Accelerated Beta Test. See the Accelerated Beta Test & The Foundry Interaction Ruling


I understand that cards don't have memory, but that has always been referenced in regards to cards entering and leaving play. Does a card lose its memory when it moves from one type of place to another (e.g. R&D, HQ, Archives, in play), regardless of where it came from and where it goes? We know if does if you move it from play to one of these other places, but that happens between other places, too? We've never had to care before.


Tybb-sly If the cards that you look at with Accelerated Diagnostics leave the top 3 spots of R&D, then they can no longer be affected by the card. So if you draw those cards, then you cannot play them or trash them.


  1. Posted to Board Game Geek by Jack Keys on March 13, 2014
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