This page needs to be broken into two pages, one for each faction. 21:47, February 17, 2015 (UTC)hamsterofdark

What really needs to happen is a large refactoring of this area.  In addition to splitting it up by faction, there ought to be a recognition of at least 3 related concepts and organization into 2 groups:

1:  The notion of 'deck archetypes' (aka strategies, themes, modules, etc) such as flatline, glacier, burst economy, drip economy, trace...  These deck archetypes should be decoupled from any specific faction or decklist.

2: The notion of 'deck types' (aka deck names), these are the outcomes of implementing one or more 'strategies' or 'archetypes' as a legal deck (with faction).  EG: yellow jackets, jinteki bluff, HB standard, Weyland fast advance, et al.

3: Decklists: which would go with deck type pages.

It might be better to go with 'deck strategies' and then 'deck archetypes' as official names, respectively.

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