Cerebral Scorch is a Flatline deck that leverages the Cerebral Imaging identity to draw a very large hand, gain a large amount of credits, and flatline the runner with SeaScorch. If the runner protects against Scorched Earth, the deck attempts to win by scoring 7 agenda points in two or three consecutive turns using various combos.

It is characterized by:

When Scorch becomes ineffective, the deck attempts to score agenda points in various ways. One common solution is to use two Biotic Labor to Fast Advance an Efficiency Committee. The next turn, the corp uses the counters on Efficiency Committee paired with Shipment from SanSan to score a 3 point agenda. The next and final turn, the corp uses another Biotic Labor to fast advance a 3/2 agenda and win the game. This is generally difficult to perform in other corp decks but possible in Cerebral Scorch given the large hand size and credit pool.


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