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When Shi.Kyū's ability triggers, the Corporation has two choices:

  • Resolve the ability
    • The Corporation can then pay any number of credits, including 0Credit, to get the effect of the ability
  • Decline to resolve the ability
    • The effect does not occur, and the Runner cannot choose to add Shi.Kyū to his/her score area


If the Shi-Kyu is in archives, and the corporation declines to spend any credits, can the runner still take the card as a -1 agenda if he wants to (data dealer?) - or does declining the "may" cancel the rest of the card effects?


Tybb-sly The Corp can choose to not resolve the Shi.Kyu, so the Runner cannot take it as an agenda.


Posted to Board Game Geek by Captain Frisk on May 12, 2014