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Whenever the Runner trashes a card for brain damage, he or she removes all copies of that card from the game (installed, in the heap, stack, or grip). The Runner shuffles his or her stack.

As part of the Chronos Protocol Tour in 2014, players voted between this or Chronos Protocol, Jinteki to be included in a future release. The Jinteki version won, so this card will never be officially printed or tournament legal.

Related Rulings

  • The parenthetical text on Chronos Protocol should not be considered an exhaustive list. Every copy of the card trashed to brain damage is removed from the game, no matter where in the game it currently is.[1]:Ruling
  • Cards removed from the game are open information.[2]:Ruling


  1. Chronos Protocol Reminder Text Ruling
    Are cards hosted on Personal Workshop also removed from the game?
    Yes, the list is not comprehensive, you have to remove the copies from wherever they are in the game.
  2. Removed From Game Information Ruling
    Are cards removed from the game open information?
    Yes, that is open information.