The parenthetical list on the Haas-Bioroid version of Chronos Protocol: Selective Mind-Mapping is not necessarily all-inclusive. All copies of the card trashed to brain damage would be removed from anywhere in the game.


Haas Bioroid's version of Chronos Protocol: Selective Mind-Mapping reads:

"Whenever the Runner trashes a card for brain damage, he or she removes all copies of that card from the game (installed, in the heap, stack, or grip). The Runner shuffles his or her stack."

Are cards hosted on Personal Workshop also removed from the game?


Tybb-sly Yes, the list is not comprehensive, you have to remove the copies from wherever they are in the game.


This is the first confirmation that reminder text might be in use in Android: Netrunner, although it is not clear which cards use parenthetical reminder text or not.


Posted to Board Game Geek by Ben Finkel on December 20, 2013

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