SubroutineThe next piece of ice the Runner encounters during this run has +2 strength. Do 3 net damage unless the Runner breaks all subroutines on that piece of ice.
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Page 5, Column 2, Paragraph(s) 12-13, FAQ
If the Runner jacks out immediately after encountering a Chum and not breaking its subroutine, the Runner does not take any damage.

Chum deals its net damage the first time either of the following occur during an encounter with the next piece of ice:

  1. a subroutine resolves
  2. the encounter/run ends (includes bypassing) before all subroutines are broken

Related FAQsEdit

  • FAQ 1.0.18 - Chum's strength boost is a constant effect and should be added up with all other constant strength modifiers.
  • FAQ 1.5.34 - If the Runner uses Femme Fatale to bypass the next piece of ice encountered after a Chum, the Runner takes damage from Chum, even if that piece of ice has zero subroutines (e.g. Komainu).

Related RulingsEdit

  • "The next piece of ice the Runner encounters" refers to the next time the Runner encounters a piece of ice, not literally the next piece of ice for the rest of the run.[1]:Ruling


  1. "Next" Ice Ruling
    what about a solitary chum over a twins. If I have two chum in hand, does the third encounter have 8 str or 6?
    "Next" just means the next time, so it would have 6 strength each time.
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