The Confrontation Phase is the second phase of a run. During this phase, the Runner must traverse the ice protecting the attacked server. Each ice is approached and then encountered if rezzed. The confrontation always progresses from the outermost piece of ice to the innermost piece of ice, one at a time. As long as the Runner passes a piece of ice, s/he may continue on to the next one.


Page 17, Column 1, Paragraph(s) 6, Core Rule Book
The Confrontation phase consists of approaching a piece of ice and then potentially encountering that ice. A Runner approaches each piece of ice protecting the server one at a time, starting with the outermost piece. The Runner must pass each piece of ice in order to approach the next piece of ice protecting the server, continuing until all pieces of ice have been passed or until the run ends. If the Runner passes all pieces of ice protecting the attacked server, the run proceeds to the Access Phase.

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