The timing resolution for simultaneous constant and triggered abilities holds true for prevent abilities as well. If a player has multiple different abilities that could prevent an effect that would resolve, constant ones take precedence over conditional ones and conflicting ones can be ordered by the player owning the abilities.


I have Guru Davinder and Net Shield installed and suffer 1 net damage. Can I choose to use Net Shield, or am I forced to use Guru Davinder and decide to pay 4Credit or trash him because his ability is constant versus Net Shield's paid ability? What if it was 1 meat damage and I had Guru Davinder and Muresh Bodysuit? These are both constant, so what happens then?


Ilogos Yes, Guru Davinder prevents all net or meat damage, leaving nothing left for you to use the paid ability on. All simultaneous triggers on your cards are resolved in the order of your choosing.


This ruling reverses the previous ruling in The Liberated Mind UFAQ.


Rules answer from Fantasy Flight's contact page, question submitted by Andrew Keddie

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