If the Runner uses a Copycat to jump to a different server after passing the last ice protecting a server, abilities triggered by the passing of that ice do not resolve.


This is basically a question about what stops conditional abilities from triggering. We know the card becoming inactive does, but does the trigger condition going away due to another ability generally stop it as well?

For instance, suppose I'm running Copycat, and running on a server that's Ice Wall -> Awakening Center with something hosted on it. When I pass the Ice Wall, the Awakening Center's condition is met. But if I trigger the Copycat to move to a different server, does the Awakening Center still happen and do I still have to encounter whatever bioroid is on it?

Similarly, what if there's Caprice Nisei? Does she still get to play the psi game even if I've Copycatted to a different server?


Tybb-sly The ability on Copycat would resolve first, and since you are no longer fulfilling the condition for Awakening Center it does not resolve.


This ruling seems to solidify the idea that triggered conditional abilities fizzle if their trigger conditions are no longer met when they go to resolve.


Posted to Board Game Geek by Sohum Banerjea on December 11, 2013

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