Copycat can be used after Paper Wall trashes itself from having its subroutines broken.


If I use an icebreaker to break the subroutine on Paper Wall, thus trashing it, could I still trigger an installed Copycat to jump to another copy of Paper Wall on a different server?


Tybb-sly Yes, you could do that, as you are still passing that piece of ice, you just didn't break its subroutines.

My wording was poor. I was trying to say that even though you trashed the piece of ice in addition to breaking its subroutine, it is still the same as just breaking the subroutine, and the ice is passed. Sorry for the confusion.


This ruling was first made official in FAQ 1.4, despite its contradiction with the Copycat v. Himitsu Bako Ruling. Eventually, this ruling was reversed by the 1.6 update to the FAQ, bringing the Copycat vs. Paper Wall interaction inline with other similar interactions.


Posted to Board Game Geek by Tim Meng on January 8, 2014

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