This is the eighteenth in a series of unofficial FAQs released with each new data pack. Below are rulings from the ANCUR staff regarding some of the cards in Crimson Dust, as approved by the lead designer Michael Boggs.

Mining AccidentEdit

If the Corp has less than 5 when the Runner plays Mining Accident, must they take the bad publicity?



If the Runner has 3 Respirocytes installed, how many cards do they draw when they have 0 cards in their grip?

When the trigger condition is met, the Runner draws one card for each installed Respirocytes, so they will draw 3 cards.


If there are cards installed in the root of a central server, how many times does Aumakua trigger?

Aumakua triggers once for the whole access step.

Does Aumakua trigger when the Runner accesses Archives?


Does Aumakua trigger if the Runner uses Eater during the run?

Yes. Aumakua triggers on the Runner reaching the access step, not on accessing any specific card(s).

Does Aumakua trigger when the Runner plays Drive By?

Yes. Even if the exposed card is trashed by Drive By, Aumakua only checks if an accessed card is stolen or trashed, not an exposed card.

Does Aumakua trigger if the Runner uses Salsette Slums but does not steal or trash any other cards accessed?

Yes. The Runner accessed cards and did not steal or trash any of them.

Diana's HuntEdit

If the Runner uses Diana's Hunt to install a Femme Fatale targeting the encountered ice, can they then use Femme Fatale to bypass that ice?

No. The Femme Fatale was not installed at the time that its trigger condition would have been met.

Dummy BoxEdit

If the Corp trashes a NetChip hosting a program, can the Runner trash a program from grip to use Dummy Box to save the hosted program?

No. The program hosted on NetChip is trashed by the hosting rules and not by the Corp. Trashing hosted cards when the host is uninstalled cannot be prevented.

If the first subroutine on Conundrum resolves, can the Runner use Dummy Box to save the chosen program?

No. Conundrum instructs the Runner to trash a program, not the Corp.

MCA Austerity PolicyEdit

Can the Corp use the second ability on MCA Austerity Policy on the same turn the third power counter is placed on it?

Yes. Only the first ability is limited to once per turn.


Can the Corp use Restore to install an agenda from Archives and remove any other copies of that agenda from the game?


Can the Corp use Restore to install an asset, upgrade, or ice from Archives that they don't have enough credits to rez?

Yes, as long as they are able to pay any install costs.

If the Corp cannot rez the card installed with Restore (either because they cannot afford to do so or because it is an agenda), do they have to reveal it?

Yes. The Corp must reveal the installed card to confirm that it cannot be rezzed and to confirm any other cards in Archives that must be removed from the game.

Fractal Threat MatrixEdit

If the Runner encounters a Troll protecting a server with Fractal Threat Matrix, do they trash the top 2 cards of their stack?

If Troll's "when encountered" ability ends the run, then the Runner will not have reached step 3.1 of the run and thus will not have had the chance to break any subroutines. If Troll does not end the run, the Runner is considered to have broken all 0 subroutines on Troll, thus triggering Fractal Threat Matrix.

The Runner encounters an Ashigaru protecting HQ, and the Corp has Panic Button and Fractal Threat Matrix installed. Each time the Runner breaks all the remaining subroutines on Ashigaru, the Corp uses Panic Button to add another subroutine to Ashigaru. Does Fractal Threat Matrix trigger each tim eht Runner breaks the added subroutines?


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