Successful runs against this server are not considered to be successful or unsuccessful for the purposes of card abilities.

Limit 1 region per server.
Mars would never have been colonized if not for the Gagarin facilities at Promontorium Agarum.

Related Rulings

  • If the only run on the Runner's last turn was against a server with a Crisium Grid installed rezzed in it, Tennin Institute gets to place an advancement token on a card, even if the Crisium Grid was trashed during that run.[1]:Ruling
  • Crisium Grid must be installed on Archives in order to stop Sneakdoor Beta from working. The Runner accesses Archives normally in this case.[2]:Ruling
  • Runs against a server with a Crisium Grid installed rezzed in it cannot be counted for card play and installation restrictions.[3]:Ruling
  • If the Runner chooses a Crisium Grid server for Security Testing then runs on that server and trashes the Crisium Grid, a second run on that server will payout for Security Testing.[4]:Ruling


"Mare Crisium" (pronounced Cree-See-Yum, "Sea of Crises") is one of the "Seas" of the moon. The Promontorium Agarum is a mountainous cape reaching in the southeast of the Mare Crisium.


  1. Crisium Grid + Tennin Institute Ruling
    Corp is playing Tennin Institute. Runner's only run in a turn is against a server with Crisium Grid on it. Run succeeds, Runner accesses & trashes Crisium Grid. Corp turn starts - do they get to place an advancement counter from the Tennin ID?
    You are correct. The Crisium Grid would allow the Tennin Institute to place an advancement token, since the run was not considered successful for the purposes of all card effects.
  2. Crisium Grid Interactions Ruling, Question 1
    1. Crisium grid at HQ. Runner uses Sneakdoor Beta.

    A)Does rezzed Off the Grid get trashed?

    B)Can runner charge Datasucker, get credit from Desperado in that case?

    2. Crisium grid at Archives. Runner uses Sneakdoor Beta. Does he just get access to archives? Same question about RnD Crisium and Keyhole.

    3. Crisium Grid at Archives, runner choose Archives with Security Testing. He runs with his first click and trash Grid. Will he get 2 credits from the second run?

    And one more correlated question but without presense of Crisium Grid:

    4. Runner marks archives with security testing. And use sneakdoor beta with first click. what happens? Can runner run archives with second click and trigger security testing?
    1. a&b. No.

    2. Accesses Archives & R&D normally.

    3. No. The run was still successful, and the game has memory that it was made.

    4. It depends. The Runner could choose to use the Security Testing, or choose to use the Sneakdoor Beta. If he uses the Sneakdoor, then Security Testing will not work.
  3. Crisium Grid v. Card Restrictions Ruling
    Do restrictions such as those on Emergency Shutdown and Successful Demonstration count as abilities? That is, are those cards affected by Crisium Grid?
    Restrictions count as part of card effects, so you cannot play those cards if the Runner made a run on a server with Crisium Grid.
  4. Crisium Grid v. Security Testing Reversal Ruling
    how is Crisium Grid supposed to work? Does it:

    1. affect run outcomes, modifying their state permanently; and if so, what part of the wording makes it this way considering it neither has a trigger nor has replacement text? Is the key word "considered" (this is the first card to ever use this word, so my understanding could be warped by not recognizing this as a game term)?


    2. affect the capability of cards to see successful runs, as implied by its wording and the fact that it is a constant ability?
    After looking at both scenarios, I agree that the rulings are inconsistent. The Crisium Grid is a constant ability that, as long as it is active, modifies the game state whenever a run is made against that server. Once the game state is recorded, it cannot be retroactively changed and any card abilities in the future that try and see if the run is successful or unsuccessful will fail.

    In the case of Security Testing, the Runner will gain the credits during the second run on that server if the Grid is trashed during the first run. I will make sure this is addressed in the next FAQ.

    Further Clarification
    Each card affects the game state, all abilities affect the game state, but it does not change the actual “recorded history” of what happened. When the Runner makes a run on a server with Crisium Grid, the run is still successful but it is seen as neither successful or unsuccessful for the purposes of card abilities. So Security Testing should see the “fake” record, just like Desperado or Emergency Shutdown, and gain credits the second time you run on the server. I will make sure this is addressed in the next FAQ.

    For the record Crisium Grid itself creates this modified record in the game log only if it is active whenever the successful or unsuccessful run occurs. So even after it is trashed the history has been cemented, and it also cannot retroactively be applied.
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