If the only run the Runner made on his/her last turn is against a server with a Crisium Grid installed in it, then Tennin Institute can place an advancement token on a card. Even if the Runner trashed the Crisium Grid during that run, the run is still not considered successful for card effects.


Corp is playing Tennin Institute. Runner's only run in a turn is against a server with Crisium Grid on it. Run succeeds, Runner accesses & trashes Crisium Grid.

Corp turn starts - do they get to place an advancement counter from the Tennin ID?

My thinking is "Yes," because at the time the run was checked for success/failure, Crisium Grid was active, so it's prevented from counting as successful. It doesn't retroactively become successful when Crisium Grid leaves play, so the Runner didn't make a successful run on their turn and Tennin activates.


Tybb-sly You are correct. The Crisium Grid would allow the Tennin Institute to place an advancement token, since the run was not considered successful for the purposes of all card effects.


Posted to BoardGameGeek by Eric Steiger on October 2, 2014

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