1Credit: Break ice subroutine
1Credit: +1 strength
Click: Place 1 virus counter on Crypsis

When an encounter in which you used Crypsis to break a subroutine ends, remove 1 virus counter or trash Crypsis.

Related RulingsEdit

  • Wendigo's subroutine does not stop Crypsis from needing to spend virus counters, but it stops the Runner from using Crypsis to pump strength or break subroutines.[1]:Ruling

Trivia Edit


The card is based on the card Bartmoss Memorial Icebreaker from the original Netrunner TCG. However, Bartmoss Memorial Icebreaker used a dice instead of virus tokes to determine whether it is being trashed.[2] Lukas Litzsinger mentioned that the design department went through multiple iterations on this card to find an adequate alternative mechanic that would work without dice.[3]

Sources Edit

  1. Wendigo v. Viruses Ruling
    Would Wendigo prevent Datasucker or Medium from gaining virus counters? Would it stop Meidum's multi-access?
    Doesn't prevent Datasuckers etc. from getting counters, but they can't be used.
  3. "Crafting the Identity of Android: Netrunner". Talk at the NYU Game Center (
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