The first time you draw a card each turn, draw 1 additional card. Add one of the drawn cards to the bottom of R&D.
"A new investment deal every morning! Grab the bull by the horns and take control of your future!"

Daisy Business Show increases your chance to draw an agenda when you need one and let you protect them by adding them to the bottom of R&D when you don't want them.

Triggered Ability - Conditional
Trigger Effect
Corp draws for the first time each turn Draw 1 Additional Card. Add 1 to the bottom of R&D

Related Rulings[edit | edit source]

  • If the Corporation has more than one Daily Business Show rezzed when s/he draws for the first time in a turn, s/he draws one additional card for each Daily Business Show and then puts one drawn card on the bottom of R&D for each Daily Business Show.[1]:Ruling
  • If the Runner knows which cards the Corporation draws with Daily Business Show (via Indexing, for an instance), the Corporation cannot hide which of the cards he chooses to keep; it is considered open information.[2]:Ruling

Sources[edit | edit source]

  1. Daily Business Show Clarification Ruling
    Daily Business Show is messing up all our heads bro. Draw however many then drop one or to each his own?
    You'd draw +1 for each Daily Business Show and then move 1 for each. So if you have 2 out that would be 3 cards move 2.
  2. Daily Business Show Information Ruling
    if daily business show draws 2 cards known to runner (e.g. Medium), can corp shuffle them before adding one to bottom of R&D?
    Runner should know; it's an open action.
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