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Data and Destiny is the fourth Deluxe Expansion for Android: Netrunner, featuring NBN, three new Runner mini-factions (Adam, Sunny, and Apex), and a handful of Neutral cards.

Set # Name Faction Type
1 SYNC, Everything, Everywhere NBN Identity
2 New Angeles Sol, Your News NBN Identity
3 Spark Agency, Worldswide Reach NBN Identity
4 15 Minutes NBN Agenda
5 Improved Tracers NBN Agenda
6 Rebranding Team NBN Agenda
7 Quantum Predictive Model NBN Agenda
8 Lily Lockwell NBN Asset
9 News Team NBN Asset
10 Shannon Claire NBN Asset
11 Victoria Jenkins NBN Asset
12 Reality Threedee NBN Asset
13 Archangel NBN Ice
14 News Hound NBN Ice
15 Resistor NBN Ice
16 Special Offer NBN Ice
17 TL;DR NBN Ice
18 Turnpike NBN Ice
19 24/7 News Cycle NBN Operation
20 Ad Blitz NBN Operation
21 Media Blitz NBN Operation
22 The All-Seeing I NBN Operation
23 Surveillance Sweep NBN Operation
24 Keegan Lane NBN Upgrade
25 Rutherford Grid NBN Upgrade
26 Global Food Initiative Neutral Agenda
27 Launch Campaign Neutral Asset
28 Assassin Neutral Ice
29 Apex, Invasive Predator Neutral Identity
30 Apocalypse Neutral Event
31 Prey Neutral Event
32 Heartbeat Neutral Hardware
33 Endless Hunger Neutral Program
34 Harbinger Neutral Program
35 Hunting Grounds Neutral Resource
36 Wasteland Neutral Resource
37 Adam, Compulsive Hacker Neutral Identity
38 Independent Thinking Neutral Event
39 Brain Chip Neutral Hardware
40 Multithreader Neutral Program
41 Always Be Running Neutral Resource
42 Dr. Lovegood Neutral Resource
43 Neutralize All Threats Neutral Resource
44 Safety First Neutral Resource
45 Sunny Lebeau, Security Specialist Neutral Identity
46 Security Chip Neutral Hardware
47 Security Nexus Neutral Hardware
48 GS Striker M1 Neutral Program
49 GS Shrike M2 Neutral Program
50 GS Sherman M3 Neutral Program
51 Globalsec Security Clearance Neutral Resource
52 Jak Sinclair Neutral Resource
53 Employee Strike Neutral Event
54 Windfall Neutral Event
55 Technical Writer Neutral Resource
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