Whenever you make a successful run on a central server, place 1 virus counter on Datasucker.

Hosted virus counter: Rezzed piece of ice currently being encountered has -1 strength until the end of the encounter.

Datasucker is a versatile virus that can lower the strength of ice, usually for one of two purposes: to bring the ice closer to the strength of an icebreaker, or to lower the ice's strength to 0 in order to trash it in combination with Parasite.

Datasucker has two abilities.

Triggered Ability - Conditional
Trigger Effect
Runner makes a Successful Run against a Central Server Place 1 Virus Counter on Datasucker
Triggered Ability - Paid
Cost  : Effect
Remove 1 Hosted Virus Counter from Datasucker The Rezzed piece of Ice the Runner is currently Encountering has its Strength lowered by 1 for the rest of the Encounter

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  1. Parasite, Ice Carver, Datasucker v. Tollbooth Ruling
    Corp has Tollbooth. There is a Parasite on it with 4 counters, making it currently strength 1

    Runner has Ice Carver in play and runs. "All ice is encountered with its strength lowered by 1."

    Is the ice trashed before the runner has to lose 3 credits? I was reading somewhere about the active player choosing the order of effects, and if it is the runners turn, could he choose to process Ice Carver effect first, then Parasite, killing it before he has to pay the 3Credit

    In a follow up question, lets say that there was only 2 Parasite counters on the ice, but the runner has Datasucker in play with 2 tokens on it. "Hosted virus counter: Rezzed piece of ice currently being encountered has -1 strength until the end of the encounter. " That says "currently being encountered", so I think you would have to lose 3Credit from Tollbooth before you get to use it, whereas Ice Carver says that the ice is encountered at strength -1.
    The Tollbooth would be trashed before its conditional ability triggered. You have two different constant effects (Ice Carver and Parasite) which combine to knock it off before the Tollbooth can force the Runner to pay credits.

    Datasucker counters could not be used until after Tollbooth's ability. "When encountered" conditional abilities are resolved before there is an opportunity to trigger paid abilities.
  2. Wendigo v. Viruses Ruling
    Would Wendigo prevent Datasucker or Medium from gaining virus counters? Would it stop Meidum's multi-access?
    Doesn't prevent Datasuckers etc. from getting counters, but they can't be used.
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