The word deck can refer to either the entire collection of cards a player has assembled for playing the game or to the remaining draw pile a player has. In Android: Netrunner, both players' decks have special names:


All decks for Android: Netrunner must follow certain rules to be suitable for play. There are six rules; five of the rules apply to both Corporation decks and Runner decks, while the last rule only applies to Corporation decks.

1. IdentityEdit

A deck must be associated with one and only one identity for the appropriate side.

2. Minimum Deck SizeEdit

A deck can contain any number of cards greater than the minimum deck size listed on the deck's identity card, but it cannot contain too many cards that it becomes difficult to sufficiently randomize in a reasonably small amount of time. Identities, reference cards, and click trackers do not count against your deck size.

3. Card CopiesEdit

Each card, by title, is limited to three copies per deck.

4. SideEdit

A deck is built for one and only one side. A Runner deck cannot contain Corporation cards and vice versa.

5. Influence LimitEdit

The out of faction cards inside a deck cannot have an influence total greater than the influence limit listed on the identity card associated with the deck.

6. Agenda PointsEdit

Corporation decks must contain a certain number of agenda points based on how many total cards the deck has. The following is a list of popular deck sizes and the number of agenda points needed in them.

Deck Size Agenda Points Required Notes
30-34 14-15 Draft identity
35-39 16-17
40-44 18-19 Low deck size corps
45-49 20-21 Standard deck size corp
50-54 22-23
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