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Use the memory on Deep Red only for Caïssa programs.

Whenever you install a Caïssa program, you may trigger its Click.png ability without spending Click.png.

Limit 1 console per player.

Related Rulings

  • The MU from Deep Red provides Overmind with additional power counters.[1]:Ruling
  • The Runner may choose to lose from either base MU or the Deep Red MU when hit with a Bad Times.[2]:Ruling


The name is a reference to the IBM chess computer Deep Blue. Deep Blue was the first piece of artificial intelligence to win both a chess game and a chess match against a reigning world champion.


  1. Unused Memory for Overmind Ruling
    Overmind states that it gains a power counter for each unused MU. Does this take into account MU that can only be used for a limited number of programs (i.e. Djinn's 3 extra MU)?
    Yes, Overmind gains power counters from any unused MU (from such sources as Deep Red). Djinn does not work, however, because it does not provide extra memory.
  2. Bad Times v. Deep Red Ruling
    A Runner has Deep Red and 3 icebreakers installed, none of which are Caïssa programs. Additionally, no other programs are installed and there are no other MU bonuses (i.e., Dyson Mem Chips, isn't Chaos Theory, etc.). The Corporation uses 1x Bad Times. What happens?
    The Runner can choose to lose the MU from Deep Red.