Make a run on HQ or R&D. You may trash, at no cost, any cards you access (even if the cards cannot normally be trashed).
You ever set something on fire just to watch it burn?

Demolition Run initiates a run on HQ or R&D. During that run, the Runner is allowed to trash any card s/he accesses for free, whether or not that card can normally be trashed.


Page 5, Column 1, Paragraph(s) 3, FAQ
The Runner can trash an agenda accessed with Demolition Run, instead of stealing it.

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  • Demolition Run can be used to trash any accessed cards in any server if the run initiated by it is deflected to another server (e.g. by use of Copycat).[1]:Ruling


  1. Demolition Run FAQ Reversal Ruling
    The FAQ states, "Example: The Runner plays Demolition Run on HQ. During the run, a Bullfrog moves the Runner to a remote server. Even though the run is successful, the Runner cannot use the "If successful…" effect on Demolition Run because the run was not successful against R&D or HQ. If the Bullfrog moved the Runner to R&D, the ability would trigger when the run was successful." However, Demolition Run does not say "if successful" anywhere. Should this be errata?
    You are correct that Demolition Run does not say "If successful..." A different card should have been chosen for the example, and this will be updated in the next FAQ. In fact, Demolition Run should work on the remote server since it has no conditional.
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