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As according to the rules of the Discard Phase, players only discard cards down to their hand size and only if the number of cards they have in hand is above that hand size.


So for at least the first couple months I was playing this game I would occasionally discard an agenda to archives leaving myself at 4 cards in hand at the end of my turn. I would do this because I had a Jackson Howard on the table and didn't want the runner to have a chance to access it from HQ.

Well eventually someone in my local meta told me that this is not allowed. So I stopped doing it and eventually started looking through the rules and FAQ to see if this was true. There was nothing in the FAQ and I did find in the rules where it says:

If the Corporation must discard more than one card from HQ, he chooses and discards from HQ one at a time until he is no longer above his current maximum hand size.

Obviously when the rules were written there was no Jackson Howard and there would be no point to dumping an agenda in archives.

So I submitted the question to FFG to get an official ruling to see if you could discard below the max hand size.


Tybb-sly As the rules say, a player can only discard down to his or her maximum hand size. You cannot choose to discard more.


Posted to Board Game Geek by Jeremy Espinosa on February 14, 2014

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