If the Corporation forfeits two False Leads at step 1.1 of the Runner's turn, the rest of the Runner's turn is skipped directly to the discard phase. This skips the "when your turn begins" trigger (keeping the Runner from using Joshua B.), but if the Runner has more than four clicks to spend on his/her turn (e.g. from Rachel Beckman) then the Runner's turn continues uninterrupted.

This ruling is a clarification on the FAQ rule regarding False Lead.


The latest FAQ states (page 7): "The Corp can forfeit 2 copies of False Lead at 1.1 to force the Runner to lose 4 clicks. The turn immediately advances to the Runner's discard phase."

Does this mean that a Runner with Rachel Beckman and/or Joshua B is unable to use those abilities after the double False Lead?


Tybb-sly If the Runner has a Rachel Beckman installed then he or she still has 1 more click, so the phase isn’t skipped. 1.1 is before “when your turn begins” abilities resolve, so it would stop someone from using Joshua B.


Posted to BoardGameGeek by DrTall on October 29, 2014

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