This ruling was confirmed by the FAQ. See Clarifications for False Lead.

The Corporation can forfeit two False Leads at step 1.1 of the Runner's turn.


I have a question regarding False Lead: Can I forfeit 2 False Leads during 1.1 to force the Runner lose 4 clicks? My argument here is that since the Runner "gains" his/her click during 1.2, there is no click to lose during 1.1. Is it the case? Or does the Runner actually "gain" his click immediately when it's his turn?


Tybb-sly Yes, you can forfeit two False Leads to force the Runner to lose 4 clicks at 1.1. The Runner has 4 clicks available during his or her Action phase.


Posted to Board Game Geek by Hien Nguyen Duc on August 1, 2014

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