Draft Formats Edit

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Draft is an exciting limited format of play for Android: Netrunner. In a draft, each player creates a pool of eligible cards for his deck by selecting individual cards from draft packs. Draft packs contain 40 cards separated into four randomized boosters of 10 cards each. Afer the selection process is complete, each player builds a deck from his pool of drafted cards, and the players use those decks to compete in a tournament. The winner of the tournament is the winner of the draft!

Before drafting, players choose between either a full draft or a half draft.

Full draft, for 4 to 8 players: Each player needs 1 Draft Starter, 1 Corporation Draft Pack, and 1 Runner Draft Pack. Players participate in 2 separate drafts, one for each side. The Corporation deck is drafted first.

Half draft, for 8, 10, 12, 14, or 16 players: Each player needs 1 Draft Starter, half of the players needs 1 Corporation Draft Pack, and the other half needs 1 Runner Draft Pack. Players participate in a single draft based on their side.

Draft Rules Edit

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Setup: Players participating in the draft are randomly seated in a circle. Players always draft Corporation cards and Runner cards separately. In a full draft, all players draft one side and then the other, starting with the Corporation. In a half draft, players split into two draft groups based on which side they are playing.

1. Each player separates out the four randomized boosters from his draft pack by taking cards off the top of the pack in sets of 10, without any player looking at the cards or changing their order. Each booster is kept facedown in a discrete location. The contents of the draft starter are set aside at this time.

2. Each player selects 1 of his facedown boosters to become his draft hand.

3. Each player looks at his draft hand and selects one card from it, placing the card facedown in front of him in a draft pile. He then passes his draft hand to the player sitting immediately to his left, and picks up he hand passed to him. Repeat this step until there are no remaining cards in each draft hand.

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4. Players choose another of their boosters to become their draft hand, and repeat step 3. However, instead of passing their draft hands to the left, players pass them to the right.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4, in order, until no more boosters remain. A player should have 40 drafted cards in his draft pile from which to build a deck.

Players can review what cards are in their draft pile before selecting a new booster to draft from. A player cannot look at the cards in his draft pile at any other time until the draft is complete.

Note: Organization is key during a draft. Each player should take care at all times in a draft to keep unused boosters, the cards he has drafted, and his current draft hand distinct from one another. Using cardboxes or tokens to divide and protect the various stacks of cards is recommended.

Each of the draft packs and the draft starter can be purchased from the FFG webstore or at your local hobby game store.

Deckbuilding Rules / Game Rules / Tournament Rules Edit

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Each player builds his deck using the 40 cards in his draft pile and the cards of the corresponding side from the draft starter. Players must use the identity cards provided in the draft starter. These identities have no influence limit. There is also no limit to the number of copies a player can have of a specific card. A player may revise his or her deck between tournament games.

Corp deck size and agenda points: 30-34 cards 14-15 points; 35-39 cards 16-17 points.

All standard Android: Netrunner rules are observed, except that games are played to 6 agenda points, instead of 7.

All standard Android: Netrunner tournament rules are observed in a full draft. In a half draft, players are only paired up against players of the opposite side. Rounds are 35 minutes, and after a predetermined number of rounds the top Runner player and the top Corp player face off in a championship game, with the winner being hailed as tournament champion.

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