Play only as your first click.

Make a run and gain Click.
Tenma clones are excellent at multi-tasking, their brains custom-made for parallel processing.

Related RulingsEdit

  • The Click gained by Early Bird is available during the run it initiates.[1]:Ruling
  • The Runner is free to lose any number of clicks before playing Early Bird, as long as it is played with the first click actually spent that turn.[2]:Ruling


  1. Early Bird Click Timing Ruling
    It was previously ruled that the wording on Account Siphon ("gain 2c per credit lost and take two tags.") meant that the credits gained from Siphon could not be used for response abilities such as New Angeles City Hall to prevent the tags also gained by Siphon. On this note, Early Bird uses similar wording ("Make a run and gain Click"). If Siphon credits can't be used to prevent Siphon tags, does that mean that the Early Bird click won't be available during the Early Bird run?
    The click is available for the run. The Siphon ruling only applies because NACH is a prevent/avoid effect, and so has to happen before the effect is fully resolved.
  2. Priority Must Be Played With First Spent Click Ruling
    what's the deal with early bird + losing a click at start of turn? I assume "first click" refers to "first click spent", yes?
    That is correct.
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