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1Credit: Break ice subroutine. You cannot access more than 0 cards for the remainder of this run.
1Credit: +1 strength.
Nom nom nom.

Related Rulings[]

  • Eater does not replace the access phase of the run, it just makes the number of cards accessed during the access phase zero. Facedown cards in Archives are still turned faceup.[1]:Ruling
  • Access replacement effects can be used with Eater. [2]:Ruling


  1. Accessing Archives with Eater Ruling
    I have a question regarding the new anarch AI icebreaker named Eater.

    Let's say a runner uses Eater to break a subroutine during a run on archives. If the runner successfully accesses archives (and opts not to use a replacement affect), what happens to the cards in archives during step 4.5 of the run?

    1. You do not flip any face-down cards in archives and access no cards.

    Or 2. You flip all the cards in archives face-up, but access no cards.

    You flip all cards in Archives faceup, but you do not access any cards. This is because Eater does not replace the entire access, it only prevents you from accessing more than 0 cards.
  2. Eater + Access Replacement Effects Ruling
    crux of the Q: Eater allows access replacement effects because you're still doing the access phase, just with 0 accessed, yes?
    That is correct. It's still there to be replaced.