The first time you install a card each turn, gain 1Credit.
Effective. Reliable. Humane.

Related RulingsEdit

  • Engineering the Future's ability does not trigger from playing and installing Oversight AI.[1]:Ruling
  • Installs from playing Shipment from Mirrormorph are done sequentially, so the credit gained by Engineering the Future from installing the first card can be used to pay install costs for the second or third cards.[2]:Ruling


  1. Engineering the Future + Oversight AI Ruling
    Oversight AI is an operation, that installs itself as a counter on a piece of ICE. My stance was that the HB identity would trigger, since it is a card being installed. The argument against me was that it is a counter being installed, not a card. Whats the word, fellows?
    Oversight AI does not provide the Core Set HB ID with a credit, since it is treated as a counter and not a card.
  2. Shipment from Mirrormorph Sequential Ruling
    During the install using a Shipment from Mirrormorph, when is the credit gained from Engineering the Future? I was wondering if there was an official clarification if the credit gained from the first install can be used towards the ice install cost of the second install.
    The installs should happen sequentially, so you can use the credit from the first install on the second or third install.
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