This is the ninth in a series of unofficial FAQs released with each new data pack. Below are rulings from the ANCUR staff regarding some of the cards in Escalation, as approved by the lead designer Michael Boggs.


1. If the Runner accesses a single card twice during a run on HQ with Obelus, how many cards do they draw?

Ancurprofile Two cards. You are considered to have accessed two cards even if they end up being the same card.

2. If the Runner accesses cards from another server during a run on HQ or R&D, such as through the ability on Hades Shard, does the Runner draw cards for those accesses as well?

Ancurprofile Yes. Those cards were accessed during the run, and the ability does not stipulate that the accesses must be from the attacked server or its root.

Omar Keung, Conspiracy TheoristEdit

3. Does the Runner have to choose a server for Omar’s ability when it is used or when the run on Archives is successful?

Ancurprofile The choice is not made until the relevant part of the ability resolves.

4. If Crisium Grid is installed on the central server chosen for Omar’s ability, is it considered a successful run and if so on which server?

Ancurprofile The successful run on Archives is replaced with a run on the central server that is considered neither successful nor unsuccessful.

Net MercurEdit

5. What does "for anything" on Net Mercur mean?

Ancurprofile For the purposes of spending credits, credits on Net Mercur act like credits in your credit pool. However, if an effect makes the Runner lose all credits in their credit pool, credits on Net Mercur are not lost.

Find the TruthEdit

6. When does the Runner need to decide which 3 directives Adam starts the game with?

Ancurprofile The Runner chooses which 3 directives Adam uses after ID’s are revealed.

7. If Adam starts the game with Find the Truth in play, does the Runner reveal his or her starting hand to the Corp?

Ancurprofile No. The directives start the game installed, but during set up they are not active.

Ark LockdownEdit

8. Can the Corp name a card that is not in the heap when playing Ark Lockdown?

Ancurprofile Yes. Abilities are only checked for their potential to change the game state to determine whether those abilities can be triggered. Once an ability begins resolving, it does not have to change the game state.

Hellion Beta TestEdit

9. If the Runner accesses a card and then later trashes it outside of an access, can the Corp play Hellion Beta Test on the next turn?

Ancurprofile No, Hellion Beta Test’s condition requires a card to have been trashed while it was being accessed.

10. If the Runner trashed only one Corp card on their last turn and subsequently used Salsette Slums to remove that card from the game, can the Corp still play Hellion Beta Test?

Ancurprofile No. Salsette Slums has a replacement ability, so the card is not considered to have been trashed.

11. If the Corp plays Hellion Beta Test and the Runner only has one installed non-program card, must the Corp trash one of their own installed cards?

Ancurprofile Yes.

Project KusanagiEdit

12. Can the Corp choose an unrezzed piece of ice for Project Kusanagi's ability?

Ancurprofile Yes, but it won’t do anything because unrezzed ice cannot have subroutines. Note that the Corp can only activate Project Kusagani’s ability if there is a rezzed piece of ice somewhere: to activate the ability, it must have the potential to change the game state, but once the ability resolves the Corp is not required to make a choice that actually changes the game state.

Jinteki, Potential UnleashedEdit

13. If the Runner suffers net damage and one of the cards trashed is I’ve Had Worse, which goes first: trashing the top card of the stack or drawing three cards?

Ancurprofile Both Potential Unleashed and I’ve Had Worse meet their trigger conditions at the same time. If it is currently the Runner’s turn, they draw three cards then trash a card from the top of the stack. If it is the Corp’s turn, the top card of the stack is trashed then the Runner draws three cards.

14. If the Runner takes more than 1 net damage from Project Junebug, how many cards do they trash from the top of the stack?

Ancurprofile “For each” effects are a single batch of net damage that depends on another value, so only one card from the top of the stack is trashed.

Observe and DestroyEdit

15. Can Observe and Destroy trash a Corp card?

Ancurprofile Yes.

Service OutageEdit

16. Can the Runner initiate an effect that makes a run while Service Outage is active, then decline to pay the additional cost? If so, did that count as the “first run” on their turn?

Ancurprofile Yes, the additional cost can be declined (and the run does not initiate). This does not count as the first run, as no run was initiated.

Door to DoorEdit

17. Does Door to Door give the Runner 1 tag if the trace is unsuccessful or if the runner is not tagged?

Ancurprofile Door to Door does not give the tag is the trace is unsuccessful, but rather only if the trace is successful and the Runner is not tagged.

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